Why fiber optics?

Fiber Optics Technology is the single fastest method of delivering high-speed internet access to businesses and individual residence alike. Fiber can easily handle multiple users on multiple devices at the same time

It is also Ultra-reliable, fiber optics internet cables are made of glass, there is no electricity involved. Unlike the copper wiring used for telephone and cable TV, it’s not easily affected by environmental conditions like storms or electrical interference.

How does your internet service work?

We provide our services using cutting edge fiber optic cables and radio (depending on the location) to provide our customers with fast, secure and symmetrical internet as well as eliminate any and all latency issues

How good is your network coverage?

We have strong network coverage across various locations within Abuja, thereby enhancing connectivity in all points of presence satisfying proximity demands between our customers

Fast internet is essential for conducting business in today’s competitive market place, that is why our network is characterized by its high-performance ability, it is fast, secure and reliable with low latency and very high response time.

What are your coverage areas in Abuja?

We have coverage in; Airport junction, Apo, Asokoro, Central area, Garki, Gwarinpa, Guzape, Jabi, Maitama, Wuse, Wuse 2, Wuye, Utako.

I am interested in using your service, how do I begin?

Please visit our website www.dotmac.ng to subscribe. You can also send details (Full name, Email address, Phone number, and Address) to sales@dotmac.ng This will enable us to confirm the availability of our infrastructure in your location. A sales representative of our team will be in touch with you shortly, after you send your details.

How Do I know which Internet Plan is Suitable for me?

Our Unlimited Internet Plans are suitable for residential use, office and businesses. You can choose the plan that is suitable for your internet needs from our list of unlimited internet plans.

What is the Validity of my Subscription?

The validity period for all subscription is 30 days.

Why is the Internet installation connected directly to Home and Offices?

When fibre optic cables are connected directly into your homes or offices, extremely high-speed access to the internet will be delivered to all your connected devices.

My network is slow, what can I do to increase the speed on my link?

To increase the speed on your link do restart your router. Then wait for some minutes for the router to reboot. After which you can connect to it and try to use it. You should also check for appliances with magnetic fields in the vicinity, e.g. microwaves, ovens, disc satellite antennas, and redirect the router away from them. If the problem persists contact us via support@dotmac.ng.

The network icon on my PC is displaying limited access so how can I fix it to make it browse?

Limited Access on your PC means you are connected to your Router but there is no internet or there is internet but your computer isn't able to receive that which means your LAN card is working fine. To fix this, disconnect your computer from your wifi and re-connect it.

I can’t connect wirelessly because I can’t find my router Service Set Identifier (SSID) amongst the list of router SSID’s displayed, please what can I do to fix this?

First, you need to ensure the router is powered on. When it is certain that the router is powered on then you can search for the router SSID again. If the SSID isn’t still on the list of SSID shown it could be that the router is faulty and needs to be replaced or that the it was reset and needs to be reconfigured, in which case you need to contact us via support@dotmac.ng.

How can my link be stable because its constantly timing out?

To reduce instability on your link do ensure that devices with electromagnetic field aren’t close to the router. The public address should be pinged to confirm if it’s still timing out. If the issues persist, do inform us via support@dotmac.ng for further troubleshooting.

How do I know if my LiteBeam Radio is Powered On?

The radio is powered through a device known as Power Over Ethernet (POE). The POE device shows a white light when it is on. When this POE is powered it automatically powers the Radio which is  indicated through a blue light on the Radio. If the POE device is powered on and the Radio is still powered off, then the cable connecting the POE to the radio needs to be checked for proper connection. After this troubleshooting, if problem still persists do reach out to us via support@dotmac.ng for assistance.

Can I have login details to the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)?

CPE such as LiteBeam Radios and Optical Network Units (ONUs) can only be logged into by our company’s IT personnel. Customers aren’t authorized to have login details to ensure maximum security and avoid alterations to the configurations on the device.

How do I change my router password?

To change the default password, you need to log into the router with the default username and password. After which you can change the default WPA preshared key to any password of your choice.

Can I restrict access to my router?

Yes, you can restrict access to your aircube router by reducing the DHCP IP range to any number of users you wish to connect to the internet.

How do I monitor my bandwidth statistics?

You can monitor your bandwidth statistics through your selfcare portal. This will show you the total upload and download bandwidth used. To access your selfcare portal use the link https://selfcare.dotmac.ng/portal/login.

At what point am I expected to upgrade my bandwidth?

Bandwidth should be upgraded when the number of users on a link increases significantly which could cause the link to be slow. Customers are advised to upgrade to a higher bandwidth to enjoy better internet speed.

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